JoAnn Lazarus, MSN, RN, CEN

Vice President of Emergency Services and a Certified Emergency Nurse, JoAnn Lazarus leads onsite Blue Jay Consulting teams, providing interim leadership and operational effectiveness expertise to clients. Prior to joining Blue Jay, she worked at Cardinal Health, where she served as a clinical services consultant. Previously, she was director of client services at EN-CHART, and clinical analyst and consultant at EmSTAT Corporation.

JoAnn's clinical experience includes positions as interim director of emergency services at a hospital with 47,000 annual ED visits; nurse manager in emergency services at a hospital with 67,000 annual ED visits; director of emergency services, clinical instructor and staff nurse at a 625-bed medical center; and nurse manager of the emergency department at a 490-bed facility. In addition, she has served as the emergency medical services training instructor for an urban fire department.

JoAnn's accomplishments as a consultant include establishing a fast track, implementing a SWAT team for the waiting room and decreasing the walk out rate by 25% in a 100,000-visit level 1 academic trauma center. She has also worked with emergency departments, with a wide range of volume, reducing walk out rates by as much as 81%, decreasing discharge lengths of stay by 15% to 20%, and decreasing hold hours by 48%.

JoAnn is a long-time state and national leader in the Emergency Nurses Association, for which she served as a director on the Board of Directors for nearly a decade and as the 2007 secretary/treasurer. She served as the National Emergency Nurses Association President in 2013.  In addition, she is an active member of the Texas Emergency Nurses Association.

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